berkem groupe Olivier FAHYDear Investor,

We are very pleased with our highly successful IPO.

On behalf of all of Groupe Berkem's teams, I would like to warmly thank the shareholders, both institutional and individual, who made this IPO a real success. With these new financial resources, we have the necessary means to deploy our bio-sourced solutions in new markets and new regions, and drive our growth through targeted acquisitions.

Already recognised for our unique positioning enabling us to support the ecological transition of conventional chemical players, we intend to extend this commitment by strengthening our investments in R&D and our product portfolio. We will thus continue to capitalise on what makes up the DNA of Groupe Berkem while benefiting from the advantages of the stock market listing to further position ourselves as one of the leaders in plant-based chemistry serving industry.


Olivier FAHY, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Groupe Berkem


One ambition: integrate bio-based chemicals into every day lives thanks to three synergistic areas of expertise

As an expert in green chemistry for over 25 years, Groupe Berkem, is actively advancing the ecological transition through its mission of integrating bio-based chemicals into the heart of the conventional chemicals used in our everyday lives.

Groupe Berkem applies its industrial know-how and its ability to innovate in its two longstanding areas of expertise:

  1. Plant extraction consists in promoting the use of high-quality plant extracts in consumer goods, such as cosmetics and food supplements;

  2. Formulation involves creating chemical solutions intended to enhance the performance of construction materials (including wood) and resin synthesis for the paint & coatings and printing ink industries

    These two areas of expertise are now converging to develop a new technology, unique in the world of chemicals:

  3. “Bio-based boosters”, plant-based extracts capable of making synthetic products more effective, while reducing the risks for humans and the environment.

ESG rating highlighting a sustainable global strategy

In the context of its planned IPO, the Group has decided to secure an extra-financial rating to raise awareness of its strong CSR approach. Accordingly, Groupe Berkem obtained an extra-financial rating of 73 (out of 100) awarded by EthiFinance in 2020, while the average for comparable companies was 37. The most noteworthy conclusion of the evaluation was the score of 82/100 in the Environment sub-category, which was close to four times higher than the benchmark level of 22/100.

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